Growth-Based Strategy

Our expansion strategy is based on the practice of predictable, scalable growth. In that spirit, we partner with entrepreneurs poised to go from good to great. These are leaders who share our passion for natural products.

Sure, we invest dollars, but our strength is backing that financial investment in your company with additional investment of strategic time and expertise. Our goal is to nurture and nourish partner growth, in an environment that fosters sharing and applying expertise with like-minded entrepreneurs — those seeking something bigger. And better.

Our 6 Supporting Growth and Optimization Strategies

  1. New World-led Sales Channel Expansion (Distributed Organic Growth)
  2. Post-Acquisition Synergies and Optimization
  3. Company-Driven Organic Growth
  4. Working Capital Efficiency
  5. Ongoing Brand and Product Management
  6. World-class Distribution, Logistics and Supply Chain Execution

Winning together

It’s simple, really. We help healthy-but-small specialized companies (typically between $2M – $30M annual revenues) grow and prosper.

The New World Natural Brands management team provides access to vast business knowledge by sharing their deep experience.

Deep Expertise In:

Brand Management

Product Innovation

Channel Development

Digital Growth

Customer Engagement

Is your company ready for a transformation?

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