Our 7 Foundational Principles

Each brand in our portfolio brings its own strengths and takes advantage of our resources and supporting management expertise to grow and thrive.

Beyond their individual product segments and sales channels, each brand in our portfolio brings unique skills and capabilities we can leverage across our portfolio to benefit and grow all the brands. Examples include USDA organic certification, OTC certification, distribution center, Amazon or other e-commerce proficiency.

We are constantly scanning for new brands that will complement and strengthen our portfolio.

Each brand brings certain channel expertise they can share with others within the portfolio, so all can grow.

Each brand adds complementary product segments to extend and strengthen the portfolio.

Extensive financial backing enables New World Natural Brands to invest in portfolio growth and support continued growth of each individual brand within the portfolio.

A team of experienced, successful individuals committed to the natural products industry works to create an integrated corporate strategy for NWNB and serves as advisors and facilitators to help each enterprise within the portfolio grow and thrive.

Does your company have what it takes?

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