New World Natural Brands is a well-financed, nimble holding company comprised of a unique portfolio of micro brands and niche companies in the Beauty and Personal Care segment. Our goal: Create greater opportunities for our brands and their fans by helping our portfolio companies access additional business opportunities and sales channels they cannot access on their own.

We acquire entrepreneur owned and lead enterprises like yours that are seeking broader opportunities for accelerated growth. We help you:

  • Connect with more customers through expanded retail and ecommerce channels
  • Apply world-class business procedures beyond product development to drive business expansion
  • Acquire the capital to make accelerated growth happen
  • Access broader business resources through our management team, investors and the NWNB network of experts

We believe principles
drive profits

Big brands continue to lose favor with consumers. Our customers want fresh, natural ingredients and products that support environmental sustainability. The natural beauty and personal care industry is a leader in this high-growth New World marketplace. That’s why we created New World Natural Brands.

Our dynamic natural beauty and personal care micro brands are committed to profitable growth. We work together to do more – for ourselves, for each other, for our investors, for New World Natural Brands and for our customers.

Every entrepreneur’s business is their personal success story. You’ve achieved a measure of success and you seek to elevate that success even higher. New World Natural Brands’ (NWNB) companies join together to form an exclusive cadre of like-minded entrepreneurs.

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The foundation of New World Natural Brands is our impressive management team. Together, this group encompasses M&A, leadership and business management experience in:

  • Brand and Product Management
  • Natural Products Advocacy
  • Acquisitions and Strategic Partnerships
  • Supply Chain and Logistics
  • Sales Management
  • Treasury
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Legal and Compliance
  • Marketing and Social Media

New World Natural Brands enables micro-brands to:

  • Open up new sales and marketing opportunities
  • Reach new consumers in more ways
  • Expand brand awareness and strengthen operations management

We help entrepreneurs like you realize dreams for themselves and their companies.

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Our growth depends on your growth

As an entrepreneur within the New World Natural Brands family, you benefit by growing your own business. As a portfolio partner, you also share in the aggregate rewards as New World Natural Brands itself grows.

We share your passion. We’re excited about small natural products companies with a strong mission and commitment to creating something beyond financial growth. We know you can’t do it all yourself, and we’re here to support your passion by sharing our expertise. We’ve done that before, with much larger companies. We created New World Natural Brands so we can collectively do the same for your business.

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