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Shannon Curtin Named CEO of New World Natural Brands:

New World Natural Brands is thrilled to announce Shannon Curtin as CEO, effective July 17, 2019. Shannon is a beauty industry expert and brings a wealth of knowledge and a deep passion for growing brands.

Coverage: WWD, CEW, Chain Drug Review and Drug Store News

New World Natural Brands Acquisitions:


New World acquires 18.21, a premium men’s grooming brand inspired by the spirit of prohibition era bootlegging to meticulously craft premium grooming provisions that the society of Men will take pride in owning.

Coverage: Beauty Independent and Drug Store News


New World acquires nugg beauty, a cute-on-the-outside, seriously-clean-on-the-inside line of face masks and lips products that are 93%+ natural.

Coverage: Beauty Independent and The DVS Group


New World acquires suki skincare, a pure line of skincare products uniquely formulated to help those with sensitive, reactive, stressed skin.

Coverage: The DVS Goup


New World acquires Baetea & Baebody. Baetea is a line of detox and functional teas meant to help you live your best life. Baebody is a natural skincare, hair care and body care company focused on powerhouse ingredients.

Coverage: PR Newswire and The DVS Group

New World Natural Brands Spotlight:

A Q and A with New World’s VP of Brand and Product Strategy, 120 days into the company’s existence.

Shannon Curtin, CEO of New Word Natural, and Dan Mack, founder of Mack Elevation Forum, during a presentation on  Purpose Driven Revolutionary Brands during Total Store Expo in Boston in August of 2019.


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