Ed has served as Chairman, CEO, and Board Director of a wide range of private and public companies over the past 30 years. He has extensive experience in the private equity market working with management teams and shareholders to drive shareholder value. EFR Inc’s past two private equity platforms delivered a 22 times and a 16 times return to shareholders investment.

Ed provides leadership through board directorship positions for both public and private companies. Ed’s board experience has been with nine outside companies working with management teams while providing stewardship on the audit, compensation, and executive committees. Some of those companies include K2 Inc, Rawlings Sporting Good Company Inc, and Penford Corporation.

The inspiration for New World Natural Brands, LLC came from two places. First, Ed watched how his children researched and purchased their personal care products and thought how a collection of micro brands might be an ideal way to deliver unique quality products to highly responsible consumers – consumers who spend a great deal of time vetting the products they use. The second source of inspiration came from an animal specialty products company he owned that grew from $4 M of EBITDA to $30 M. That company used micro brands to build their success. From this success New World’s strategy is to replicate the model in the personal care market.